University Lecturer of English Literature, Tampere University, Finland (2020–2022)

Junior Research Fellow, Peterhouse, University of Cambridge (2017–2020)

Ph.D., Peterhouse, University of Cambridge (2014–2017)

M.Phil, King’s College, University of Cambridge (2013–2014)

B.A., Pomona College (2009–2013)

Conference Talks


Keynote — “Autographs through the Ages”, with Jill Gage and Tim Ingold, Contextual Alternative (2021 – zoom)

Spatial Studies and Environmental Humanities conference, Tampere University (2020 – zoom)

Epistolary Modernisms with Merve Emre, Kamran Javadizadeh, and Michelle Taylor, Modernist Studies Association, Brooklyn (2020 – canceled)

Cambridge English Faculty Seminar (2020 – canceled)

Sounding the Non-Human with Evelyn Whorrall-Campbell and Rodney Cross, In Pursuit of Sound, Cambridge (2019)

Cambridge Seminar in Theory and Criticism (2019)

The Look of Language with Joseph Rosenberg, Jennifer Soresnsen, and Emily Setina, Modernist Studies Association, Columbus (2018)

En/Decoding Beckett with Dirk Van Hulle, Annette Balaam, and Pim Verhulst, Beckett & Technology, Charles University (2018)

Knowing Dubliners, Knowing Joyce with Maureen McVeigh Trainor, Seamus May, and John Gordon, The Art of James Joyce, University of Antwerp (2018)

Prosaic Objects plenary with Clara Jones, Isabelle Brasme, and Caroline Pollentier, Modernist Objects, Sorbonne University (2018)

Joyce, Fiction, Magazine and Book History with Scarlett Baron, Claire Hutton, and Clair Wills, Joyce to Beckett, Magdalene, Cambridge (2018)

Cultural Logic of Capitalism with Benjamin Pickford and Dominic Jaeckle, art / money / crisis, Cambridge (2016)

Slowing Down Modernism with Arden Reed, Cedric Van Dijck, and Marianne Kaletzsky, Modernist Studies Association, Pasadena (2016)

Scatology with Doug Phillips and Jo Sunggyung, Anniversary Joyce, University College, London (2016)

Sign/Language with Tobias Harris and Radvan Markus, Metamorphoses: The Third Annual Flann O’Brien Conference, Charles University, Prague (2015)

Quasi-Objects/Quasi-Subjects with Kathryn M. de Luna, Seth Auster-Rosen, and R. John Williams, Object Emotions: Revisited, Yale University (2015)



Tampere University

Inversions of the Pastoral

Postcolonial Cultures and Global Literatures in English

Texts & Culture: Introduction to Literary and Cultural Analysis (I)

Genres in Context: Introduction to Literary and Cultural Analysis (II)

Basics of Research, Literary Studies

Writing the Bachelor’s Thesis

Theories of Space & Place

What’s in a Name? Onomastic Fantasies in Literature

English in Ireland: Linguistics and Literature

Going Viral: Media, Contagion, and Containment


Cambridge University

Practical Criticism and Critical Practice

Modernism and the Short Story

History and Theory of Literary Criticism

Contemporary Literature

American Literature, 1870 – Present

British Literature, 1830 – Present


Pomona College

Art & Time (co-taught with Arden Reed)



Other Events


Book Talks / Conversations

On Closeness, in conversation with Miguel Tamen, Juxta Press, Milan (2021 – zoom)

Object Lessons: A Group Reading with Shonna Milliken Humphrey, Hanne Blank, and Sheila Liming, Skylight Books, Los Angeles (2020 – zoom)

Object Lessons Panel with Shonna Milliken Humphrey, Hanne Blank, Sheila Liming, Tobias Carroll, Laura Waddell, and Erica Wright, Print, Maine (2020 – zoom)


Peterhouse Theory Group — co-hosted with Daisy Dixon (2019-2020), John Robb (2017-2018), and Jennifer Wallace (2016-2017)

Fidgets and Consciousness with Abbie Garrington and Lucy Freud (2020)

Strange Feelings with Alex Moran and Lisa Mullen (2020)

Synthesis with Angela Breitenbach and Wes Robertson (2020)

Growing up with C.L. Stevenson, with Anne Stevenson (2019)

Aesthetics and Ornament with Aline Guillermet and Alice Blackhurst (2019)

Street Art with Macs Smith (2019)

The Politics of Narrative with Bridget Kendall and Hazem Kandil (2018)

Narrative and the Limits of Knowledge with Steven Connor and Rachel Frazer (2018)

Mars and Archaeology with Sam Kennerley and Josh Nall (2018)

Tragedy and Skeletons with Jennifer Wallace and John Robb (2017)

Vital Entanglements with Adam Bobbette, Simone Kotva, and David Whitley (2017)


Conferences and Seminars Organized

Faculty of English Graduate Seminar, co-organized with Aoife Byrne and Holly Corfield Carr (2016-2017)

Object Emotions: Polemics, co-organized with Hannah Rose Woods, Marta Figlerowicz, Padma D. Maitland, and Christopher Patrick Miller, Peterhouse, Cambridge (2016)