I write, teach, and edit texts.

My work takes place at the crossroads of modern literature, material cultures, and media studies.

I have written and spoken most often on the imaginative life of letters — those extralinguistic fantasies that play out across the surface of inscriptions.

My first book, Signature, a narrative journey through the history of autography, came out with Bloomsbury’s Object Lessons series in 2020.

I am currently University Lecturer in English Literature at Tampere University, Finland, in the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences.

Before, I held a Research Fellowship at Peterhouse, University of Cambridge.

I am a Contributing Editor at The Public Domain Review.

I am dreaming up a book about the cultural history of furniture in motion (porch swings, swivel seats, recliners), with the working title of Sedentary Excursions — the ways in which upholstery springs furnished the Victorian sexual imagination; how rocking furniture created a unique form of armchair travel; why 1980s slasher films so often feature waterbeds and what that has to do with Ronald Reagan. If you are an editor/publisher and want to hear more, please get in touch!

An ongoing project involves vessels, both real and representational, and how descriptions of containers and containment in literature facilitates philosophical thinking.

My essays & reviews are in History TodayLos Angeles Review of Books, Times Literary Supplement, The Economist, The Brooklyn Rail, 3:AM, Hyperallergic, and Aesthetica Magazine. 

My academic work has appeared in Comparative Literature, Modernism/modernity, Journal of Modern LiteratureEssays in Criticism, Irish Studies Review, Humanities, Samuel Beckett Today / Aujourd’hui, Deleuze Studies, and the Journal of Religion and Film. 

I was educated at Pomona College (BA), King’s College, Cambridge (MPhil), and Peterhouse, Cambridge (PhD).

If you want to work with me, please reach out! I am eager for new projects and collaborations. (hunterdukes @ gmail)