I am broadly interested in the history of ideas.

This has led me to work as the managing editor of a not-for-profit cultural archive, a university lecturer in literary history, and writer of various stripes.

I published my first book with The Atlantic and Bloomsbury’s Object Lessons series. It tracks the history of signatures across cave paintings, tattoo fantasies in hip-hop, and epigenetic research. Jonathan Lethem kindly called it “a true ‘essay film’ of a book”.

For the Public Domain Review, I edit our feature essays. I also oversee the “contributing editors” program. Consider becoming a “friend” of the PDR — we have great postcard packs.

In my academic life, I’ve written about Samuel Beckett’s obsession with pots, the territoriality of nightingales, and biblical allegory in cold war cinema. As a freelance arts journalist, I’ve reviewed books for The Economist, Times Literary Supplement, and History Today.

I taught courses on Irish literature at Tampere University. Before that, I was a postdoc at Peterhouse, Cambridge, where I hosted an invited speaker series called “The Theory Group”. For some reason, I was also responsible for the refurbishment of grandfather clocks.

I live in Helsinki with Emma and a cat named Huxley.

Feel free to email me if you want to work together or simply correspond: hunterdukes [at] gmail.