Assembling the Mechanosphere

Deleuze Studies

“Emerging literature on the Anthropocene – the geochronological period in which humanity begins to affect planetary ecology – risks redoubling a formal oversight from the history of science. In his 1958 paper ‘On Protein Synthesis’, Francis Crick described what he called the central dogma of molecular biology: the one-directional flow of genetic information from DNA through RNA to protein. Crick’s thesis was eventually disproven by the discovery of retroviruses such as HIV, which are capable of performing reverse transcription –writing themselves into the building blocks of biological matter. While we have entered an epoch in which the human can radically alter and reshape nonhuman planetary forces, many contemporary treatments of the Anthropocene neglect to reverse the causal chain and ask how the breakdown of the borders between the ‘natural’ and the ‘human’ prompts a revision of the latter category as well as the former…”