Essays Edited, Adapted, or Commissioned


Ross Bullen, “Jumbo’s Ghost: Elephants and Machines in Motion

Andrew Spira, “Precedents of the Unprecedented: Black Squares Before Malevich

James J. Conway, “Out on the Town: Magnus Hirschfeld and Berlin’s Third Sex

Kenneth Gross, “Of Angel and Puppet: Klee, Rilke, and the Test of Innocence”

Laura Tradii, “Petrified Waters: The Artificial Grottoes of the Renaissance and Beyond”

Kensy Cooperrider, “Handy Mnemonics: The Five-Fingered Memory Machine”

Juliette Bretan, “Documenting Drugs: The Artful Intoxications of Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz”

Peter Tracy, “Luigi Russolo’s Cacophonous Futures” 

Alicia Puglionesi, “‘Pajamas from Spirit Land’: Searching for William James”

Susan Stewart, “A Paper Archaeology: Piranesi’s Ruinous Fantasias”

Erica X Eisen, “The Kept and the Killed”

Roddy Howland Jackson, “Beastly Clues: T. S. Eliot, Torquemada, and the Modernist Crossword”

Seán Williams, “Little Switzerlands: Alpine Kitsch in England”

Ross Bullen, “William Wells Brown, Wildcat Banker”

Vlad Solomon, “Laughter in the Time of Cholera”

Lauren Collee, “Marxist Astronomy: The Milky Way According to Anton Pannekoek”

Steven Connor, “The Dust That Measures All Our Time”

Vaughn Scribner, “Mermaids and Tritons in the Age of Reason”

Betsy Golden Kellem, “Circassian Beauty in the American Sideshow”

Kevin Dann, “The Spiralist”

Lizzie Marx, “Picturing Scent: The Tale of a Beached Whale”

Alex Tadel, “Reading like a Roman: Vergilius Vaticanus and the Puzzle of Ancient Book Culture”

John Tresch, “Still Farther South: Poe and Pym‘s Suggestive Symmetries”

Karlos K. Hill, “Photographing the Tulsa Massacre of 1921”

Erika Vause, “The Art of Making Debts: Accounting for an Obsession in 19th-Century France”

Erica X Eisen, “‘The Mark of the Beast’: Georgian Britain’s Anti-Vaxxer Movement”

Matthew Beaumont, “‘Fevers of Curiosity’: Charles Baudelaire and the Convalescent Flâneur

Laurel Waycott, “Propagating Propaganda: Franklin Barrett’s Red, White, and Blue Liberty Carp”

Dorothy Berry, “Black America, 1895″

Introductions to Collections in the Public Domain


Visualising Bubbles (1500–1906)

Peter Fabris’ Illustrations for William Hamilton’s Campi Phlegraei (1776–79)

It Started with Muybridge (1964)

Portrait of Charlotte du Val d’Ognes (1801)

Fearful Symmetry: Inkblot Books (1859–1915)

Alexander in the Bathysphere

Harris’s List of Covent-Garden Ladies (1757–95)

Ostentatio Genitalium in Renaissance Art

“The Rainbow for their Guide”: Mary Gartside’s New Theory of Colours (1808)

Earth Messages: Nikola Tesla in his Laboratory (ca. 1899)

Albrecht Dürer’s Pillow Studies (1493)

Unnatural Selection: Emil Schachtzabel’s Pigeon Prachtwerk (1906)

William James on the Stream of Consciousness (1890)

The Holkham Bible Picture Book (ca. 1330)

Resurrection on Repeat: Rules and Orders of the Humane Society (1787)

Reciting Pictures: Buddhist Texts for the Illiterate

Gustave Zander and the 19th-Century Gym

Snowball Fights in Art (1400–1946)

Odd Showers (1870)

Clavis Artis by “Zoroaster”

Imaging Inscape: The Human Soul (1913)

Theresa Babb’s Photographs of Friendship (ca. 1898)

Aspirated Aspirations: Alfred Leach’s The Letter H (1880)

Design’s from Kimono Pattern Books (ca. 1902)

An Iconic Line: Claude Mellan’s The Sudarium of Saint Veronica (1649)

Zanzibar Tales (1901)

“When London is in Ruins”: Gustave Doré’s The New Zealander (1972)

Lithographs from M. E. Descourtilz’s Atlas des Champignons (1827)

Adolf Schmidt’s Atlas der Diatomaceenkunde (1890)

The Ascent of Mont-Blanc (ca. 1855)

A Monster in the Heart: Edward May’s A Most Certain and True Relation (1639)

A Modest Apology for the Man in the Bottle (1749)

Figure/Ground: Alphonse Allais’ April Fools Album (1897)

700 Years of Dante’s Divine Comedy in Art

A Treatise on Artificial Limbs (1899)