Conference Talks

‘DeLillo’s Joyce and the Origin of the Alphabet’, Modernist Studies Association (MSA), Columbus, Ohio, November 2018

‘Modernist Vessels’, Modernist Objects, Sorbonne University, Paris, June 2018

‘The Borrowed Dreams of Dubliners’, The Art of James Joyce, University of Antwerp, June 2018

‘Inscribing the Female Form: Joyce, Beckett, and the Autographic Signature’, Joyce to Beckett: Ireland & Modernism, Cambridge, March 2018

Joyce’s ‘indelible ink’: Excremental Appropriation and the Materiality of Writing, Anniversary Joyce, University of London, June 2016

‘But why this name Vico Road?’: Flann O’Brien’s Onomastic Inquiry, Metamorphosis: The III International Flann O’Brien Conference, Centre for Irish Studies, Charles University, Prague, September 2015

‘That Foul Feeling of Pity’: Beckett’s Vessels and the Animation of Containers, Object Emotions Revisited, Yale University, February 2015

‘On the Tradition of Irish Bulls and Wit’, Peterhouse Graduate Exchange, Cambridge, November 2014

‘A Return to Things’, King’s Graduate and Fellows Research Exchange, Cambridge, April 2014

‘(Post)Modernisms in Fiction: Don DeLillo and Siri Hustvedt’, American Literature after 1865, Cambridge, April 2019.
‘Epiphany and Paralysis’, Modernism & the Short Story, Cambridge, March 2019.

‘On Objects’, Practical Criticism & Critical Practice circus, Cambridge, March 2018

‘Joyce’s Dubliners‘, Modernism & the Short Story circus, Cambridge, February 2018

‘How to Do Things with Names’, Graduate Lecture Series, Cambridge, March 2017  


Invited Papers

‘Lyric Nightingales and their Acoustic Enclosures, from Ovid to T.S. Eliot’, Cambridge Graduate Seminar in Theory and Criticism, May 2019

Seminars Convened 

The Peterhouse Theory Group, Cambridge, 2017-18

 20th Century and Contemporary Literature Research Seminar, Cambridge, 2015-2017

The Objections Reading Group, Cambridge, 2016-2017

As Respondent

‘Walter Benjamin’s Objects’, Modernist Objects, Sorbonne University, June 2018

‘Slowing Down Modernism’, Modernist Studies Association (MSA 18), Pasadena, California, November 2016

‘The Cultural Logic of Capitalism’,  Art | Money | Crisis, a conference hosted by CRAASH, Cambridge, April 2016

Conferences Organised
An Evening with speakers from the LRBThe Economist, and The Times Literary Supplement, Peterhouse, June 2019

Emotional Objects: Polemics, AHRC-funded conference organised with Yale University and University of California, Berkeley, hosted at the University of Cambridge, April 2016

‘On Slow Art’, ‘Art Transport’, CAM FM – 97.2 FM

‘After the PhD’, Invited Speaker for Graduate Research Forum, Cambridge, April 2017

‘Ezra Pound and the Defamiliar Modern’, He+ Masterclass Series, Peterhouse, March 2017


Hunter Dukes | Junior Research Fellow | Peterhouse, Cambridge | CB2 1RD | hbd23 (at)