The Autographic Imagination: Signature and Literature after James Joyce (under review)

Spheres of InfluenceVessels, ContainmentGlobalisation (in progress)


Invited special issue editor, The Anatomy of Inscription, Humanities, Fall 2018 (forthcoming)

Journal Articles 

Heaney, Joyce: Naming and Nation, Essays in Criticism, Spring 2018 (forthcoming)

Toponyms, Transportation, and the Etymological Imagination, Modernism/modernity, Spring 2018 (forthcoming)

Beckett’s Vessels and the Animation of Containers, Journal of Modern Literature, Summer 2017

Ulysses and the Signature of Things, Humanities, Summer 2017

Samuel Beckett and the Fantasy of Lithic Preservation, Irish Studies Review, Spring 2017

Assembling the Mechanosphere, Deleuze Studies, Fall 2016

The Binding of Abraham, Journal of Religion & Film, Spring 2015


Essays and Reviews

Pot Thoughts: A Closer Look at JML 40.4, University of Illinois Press, Fall 2017

The Eyes of Statues, The Brooklyn Rail, Fall 2017

Tunnelling Back to Dead Lands, Cambridge Humanities Review, Spring 2017

In the Trap, 3:AM Magazine, Winter 2016

The Way Things Go, Critical Quarterly, Fall 2016

In an Empire of the Dead, The Los Angeles Review of Books, Summer 2015

On Blood Writing, 3:AM Magazine, Summer 2015